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FHM has experienced unprecedented growth over the past eight years. which is largely credited to the personnel’s persistent efforts. Therefore, we work to ensure the satisfaction, motivation, and personal and professional development of all our employees.

FHM aims to attract the most talented individuals and offer them rich job experiences and career development opportunities. While working at FHM, you’ll have the opportunity to work in various locations, experience different cultures, and acquire a global outlook.

Join our team of more than 200 employees!

How will FHM benefit you?

Employee Training

FHM offers comprehensive training programs, both in-class and online, for all employees including management, service engineers, salespeople in line with their own demands.

Career Development

Helping employees succeed is one of FHM management’s main goals, thus FHM endeavors to keep our employees career-minded rather than merely job-focused.

Job Rotation

FHM offers ideal opportunities for job rotation within your department or different divisions. If you’re qualifie,d we’ll always be willing to provide you with career development opportunities.

Compensation & Benefits

FHM offers locally competitive salaries and bonuses, and the amounts are related to your performance and the company’s annual sales revenue.