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Log loading trailer


The LOG LOADING trailer is equipped with hydraulic all-wheel drive, which can be switched on and off, to ensure that it can be moved with ease even on very uneven terrain. The all-wheel drive can be switched on electrically via a magnetic valve.

The LOG LOADING trailer is hydraulically supported.

The loading crane, included as part of delivery, has a swivel range of 270 degrees and a maximum reach of 3.2m. At the maximum jib length of 3.7m, the crane has a lifting capacity of 300kg. The crane has a hydraulic grab which can rotate 360 degrees.

The total loading capacity of the lumber trailer is 2,500kg.

The hydraulic unit also comes as part of delivery and is powered using a 6.5 HP 4-stroke petrol engine.

The cable winch is powered hydraulically and can be operated via remote control, which makes lifting cut trunks much easier, as you can stand directly next to the trunk and operate the winch using the remote control.

The trailer can be moved easily using the tow bar. Many of our customers tow the trailer with an ATV, quad or small tractor. These allow flexibility on narrow paths. The trailer is not permitted for transport on public roads. The trailer is not permitted for transport on public roads.

This model has sold successfully for years in Scandinavia under a different brand name.

The device is delivered well packed and part-assembled in a steel frame. You should allow approx. 6 hours for final assembly.